Due to the modes of transmission of COVID-19 and Monkeypox viruses, masks are required at all ACR Health locations.

Location: Syracuse                                            Department: Care Management Services


Rate of Pay: $20.00 – $22.00


Organizational Relationship:  Reports to the Ryan White Program Manager


Apply : recruitment@acrhealth.org



  1. BA or BS recommended in Nutrition with 1 – 2 years of experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS, behavioral health, substance abuse or other chronic illnesses.
  2. 1-2 years of experience developing and facilitating nutrition health education.
  3. Possess a clear understanding of community level work and the importance of collaborating and coordinating with other organizations.
  4. Effective communication and documentation skills, as well as cultural and linguistic competence.
  5. Travel throughout ACR Health’s nine-county service area is required. Automobile and valid NYS driver’s license required.
  6. Sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, chronic illness, LGBTQ issues and a strong commitment to the mission, vision, and values of ACR health are essential.



  1. Incorporate best practices regarding confidentiality into all job duties and communications in accordance with Article 27-F and HIPAA, ACR Health policies and procedures and other applicable regulations.  Protect agency data in accordance with confidentiality procedures and protocols.  Observe and abide by the HIV Confidentiality Law and HIPAA.
  2. Adhere to AIDS Institute requirements for the provision of NHE.
  3. Document progress notes that summarize client progress, accomplishments, and services rendered.
  4. Develops nutrition health education plan that incorporate: goals and objectives, frequency and duration of the sessions, HIV specific health and nutrition topics.
  5. Reviews RD assessment and dietary recommendations to determine the food and meal service client receives, and type of health education to meet needs.
  6. In conjunction with the Program Director, monitors the appropriateness of the food and meal service provider to client.
  7. Establish connections, and communicate frequently, with medical nutrition programs/practitioners and RDs to make referrals as necessary and appropriate.
  8. Complete NHE and Food and Meal Screening form which includes the reasons for client participation in the NHE program.
  9. Plan and facilitate a case conference on each client who has been in the NHE program for six (6) months, or more frequently if necessary.
  10. Maintain accurate client records that document attendance, participation, progress, accomplishments, and additional needs, referrals and goals.
  11. Ensure client adherence to NHE and food and meal policies and procedures, follow protocol for food gift card/voucher distribution.
  12. Coordinate with Nutrition Program Assistant to conduct community coordination activities.
  13. Communicate and collaborate with AIDS Institute staff and respond timely and appropriately to all requests.
  14. Maintain complete and accurate statistical information; prepare all required monthly and program reports as assigned; ensure thorough, up to date and complete client records.
  15. Attend all AIDS Institute and ACR Health meetings and trainings.
  16. Maintain working knowledge of Nutrition Health Education Program regulations, policies, and procedures.
  17. Attend all required and recommended staff trainings and in-services.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned by the Ryan White Program Manager, Director of Care Management Services, Chief Programs Officer and/or Executive Director.



Hourly, Non-Exempt. Thirty five hour (35.00) week; evenings and weekends expected for meetings, workshops, and seminars.