Due to the modes of transmission of COVID-19 and Monkeypox viruses, masks are required at all ACR Health locations.

The Young Men’s Project is a safe space to share, connect, and learn with men who partner with men. 

Learn about healthy sex and relationships with other young men aged 13-29. We’re here for you!

 The Young Men’s Project offers:

  • Social groups to meet and connect with other young men
  • Information and advice on healthier sex
  • Free affirming and inclusive testing for HIV and STDs
  • Facts about PrEP and how to get it
  • Free condoms and lube
  • Education and support groups for young men living with HIV

We can also provide you with FREE mail-order Safer Sex Kits. All orders are free, private, and will come to your home in discreet packaging in the mail. Orders come with a variety of external/male condoms that may include different sizes, colors, and brands. Order yours by filling out the request form.

In 2017, young people aged 13-24 made up 21% (8,164) of new HIV diagnoses in the United States. Of that 8,164 people, 87% (7,125) were young men. Young people living with HIV are the least likely of any age group to be linked to care in a timely manner and to have a suppressed viral load, or undetectable status.

Staff at the Young Men’s Project have the experience, knowledge, and training to address these healthcare disparities among young men and take a personal approach to help you meet your goals.

Take the Test, Take Control.

To schedule an HIV/STI test or to receive more information, contact us at (315) 898-2436 QTesting@ACRHealth.org.

For providers or individuals, please fill out and return this form for referrals.

For details about upcoming groups or special events, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @YoungMensProject

The Young Men’s Project program is funded by the New York State Department of Health.