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Pregnancy Prevention Program 


ACR Health has been selected to implement a comprehensive program to mitigate teen pregnancy in Syracuse and Onondaga County.  In a strategy developed by the NYS Health Department’s Adolescent Health Initiative, ACR Health has placed health educators in Syracuse middle and high schools and community centers to work with young people aged 10-21 at increased risk for unintended pregnancy.  


Syracuse and Onondaga County have a significant teen pregnancy problem.  Teen pregnancy rates per 1,000 are some of the highest in Upstate New York. High rates of pregnancy among teens in the City of Syracuse contribute decidedly to the rate of unintended pregnancies in Onondaga County.  



Syracuse teen birth rates were twice that of Onondaga county teens overall with teen pregnancy rates ranging from 42.3 per 1,000 for the County to 107.7 per 1,000 in the City of Syracuse.  Although Blacks and Hispanics represent less than 25% of the County’s population, they have significantly higher rates of pregnancy.





Adolescent pregnancy rates per 1000 by race/ethnicity:
•    65.6 - Black 
•    53.3 - Hispanic 
•    13.2 - Caucasian 
     (Onondaga County Health Department, 2014)

Adolescent pregnancy rates by age:
•    10-14 is 1.0, compared to 0.6 for NYS; 
•    15-17 rate is 21.8, compared to 14.5 for NYS; 
•    18-19 in the county is 55.5, compared to 47.6 for NYS 
      (NYSDOH, 2016) 


ACR Health will provide comprehensive, evidence-based sexual health education utilizing Be Proud! Be Responsible! as well as parent or caregiver education to improve parent-child communication surrounding sexual and reproductive health.  ACR Health will increase access to family planning services through active referrals, assistance with scheduling appointments, and transportation assistance.  ACR Health is collaborating with Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY, Reach CNY, and Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility to provide accurate information about sexual and reproductive health care and local family planning services to be made available to teens through web-based platforms and public service announcements; and the development of a Healthy Teens Coalition.

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