red ribbon in open handsYour life does not stop with an HIV+ diagnosis. ACR Health is here to help you stay healthy and prevent the transmission of HIV to others.

We employ the principles of Harm Reduction, a set of strategies and tactics that encourages individuals to reduce the risk or harm to themselves and others. The goal is to educate the person to become more conscious of the risks of their behavior and provide them with the tools and resources they need to reduce risks.

Harm Reduction is tailored to the individual. It does not deal with behavior alone, but with the whole person and with complex needs. The Harm Reduction strategy considers the risky behavior within the context of the person’s life. Any positive change is seen as significant; behavioral changes often come in small increments.

Prevention Case Management

The first thing a person newly diagnosed with HIV needs to do is see a medical provider and begin treatment. Prompt treatment makes a big difference in how much impact HIV/AIDS will have on your life and health. Your future sexual or injection drug use behavior could directly impact the health of your partner or partners. How do you reduce the risk of transmitting HIV? Our trained professionals have the skills and the answers you need.

The goal of prevention case management services is to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and to connect them with the resources they need to make healthy life decisions (e.g., access to medical care, public assistance, housing assistance, domestic violence services, financial benefits, substance abuse treatment).