ACR Health will comply with all relevant whistle-blowing statues in regard to current and previous employees and independent contractors who report in good faith what they reasonably believe to be a violation of state or federal law, ordinances, executive orders or judicial or administrative decisions that would put pose a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety of employees or contractors at risk, and/or compromise the integrity of the Agency’s standing in the community.

ACR Health asks that employees and independent contractors make a good faith effort to report any alleged violation, condition or practice to their immediate supervisor, any other person with supervisory authority, or Human Resources and allow the Agency time to remedy the situation. ACR Health also understands that there are certain exceptions that would prohibit an employee or independent contractor’s ability to report these violations in which there is a fear of physical harm, imminent danger, and/or other ethical concerns.

ACR Health would like to assure employees and independent contractors that any concern or report that is raised will be taken seriously without fear of retaliation. The Agency is committed to ensuring that no employee or independent contractor makes a complaint and no witness who participates in an investigation, will be subject to adverse treatment in our workplace. The Agency prohibits retaliation of any kind, inside or outside of the work environment and will not tolerate the behavior. All parties involved in an investigation will specifically be reminded of this during the time of the investigation.

The Agency encourages individuals who make complaints and serve as witnesses to inform their supervisor, next level supervisor or Human Resources if they have received treatment that they believe is retaliatory. Allegations of retaliation will be promptly investigated by the Agency. Individuals who have committed acts of retaliation will be subject to corrective action, discipline and when necessary termination.

We trust that all employees and independent contractors will act in a professional and responsible way towards each other to maintain a pleasant working environment free of discrimination and harassment.

Notice of Employee Rights, Protections, and Obligations LS740

Revised 01/26/2022