23rd Annual Hike for Life Wellness Summit

Welcome to the 23rd Annual Hike For Life WELLNESS SUMMIT!

This year’s event will mark the one-year anniversary of our virtual event schedule and the 23rd year of HIKE For LIFE. While this has been challenging for us all on many levels, it has also been an incredible way to connect with our community on a much larger basis. We want to acknowledge this milestone; preparing our participants/clients and donors for a world beyond COVID-19 while staying safe.

For the 23rd year of Hike for LIFE, we will be doing a 23 day Wellness Summit. Beginning April 23rd and ending on May 15th. We will be re-introducing our agency and our partnerships to the community. We will offer 23 days of wellness sessions that align with our programming that will enable you to refocus on your own health as we all get ready to turn the corner into 2021.

$50 per person includes access to 23 days of live and recorded content. All registrants will receive a journal for keeping on track and any and all thoughts along with a pen.

Additional fundraising is encouraged and awards will be given to our top 3 fundraisers. Any fundraising that reaches a goal of $1,000 or more will win a free pair of sneakers!

TO REGISTER: https://p2p.onecause.com/hfl21/home

Invite colleagues, friends, and family to take the journey with you as we all get healthier together. Post on social media. Send text messages or email to encourage your network to join the event.

Thank you to our sponsors: Gilead and Empower