Narcan, the opioid overdose reversal drug, is now available at more than 2,000 pharmacies throughout New York State.

Since 2014, ACR Health has trained thousands of people how to administer Narcan, the opioid overdose rescue drug, and distributed “kits” free of charge to everyone trained. Very often the drug reached its expiration date without ever being used for overdose rescue. Now, in a policy shift, the state is trying to put Narcan (naloxone) into the hands of those most likely to encounter a drug overdose, while continuing to make Narcan widely and easily available. The program is called N-CAP, Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program.

How N-CAP affects ACR Health

  • Now, when ACR Health trains members of the public, each is given a card detailing how to obtain Narcan at a pharmacy.
  • Fully stocked Narcan kits are supplied for individuals who are at risk for overdose or their family members or friends who receive training through ACR Health.
  • At-risk individuals may also obtain Narcan at pharmacies without prescription.
  • For large companies and businesses, instead of providing Narcan kits to all, we recommend placing the kits at strategic locations throughout the building.
  • We recommend that any entity open to the public have Narcan trained personnel and Narcan on the premises.

Narcan in Pharmacies

pharmacyNarcan is available at pharmacies throughout New York State through the N-CAP program.

  • Co-payments for naloxone in an amount up to $40 for each prescription dispensed will be billed to N-CAP, not to the individual getting naloxone.
  • One kit of naloxone provided to registered opioid overdose prevention programs, which includes two doses, costs the State approximately $70, while the N-CAP co-payments paid by the State will vary between $1 and $40 per kit.
  • No individual enrollment is necessary.
  • There are no or lower out-of-pocket expenses when getting naloxone at a participating pharmacy.

ACR Health offers Narcan training free of charge to all interested parties. We make sure that everyone we train will be able to get a kit if needed. Click to book a Narcan training.