Happy Birthday Michael!

Joe Moore and Michael Compagni have been longtime supporters of the Q Center at ACR Health. Hosting a yearly “Last Bloom Party” to celebrate Michaels prize-winning dahlias, to tell and share personal stories, and most importantly to raise funds and awareness for our LGBTQ youth. These parties raised more than $50,000 and helped further our community connections.

We thank Michael and Joe on the occasion of Michael’s “60th”  for doing a “donation in lieu of gift” campaign. All monies will be directed to our Q Center funding for our youth emergency services, which range from housing to healthcare and everything in between.

Happy Birthday Michael and thank you, Joe, we are lucky to have community members who host special events on behalf of the Q Center, a place they deeply value and feel very possessive of. It means more than we can express when members of the LGBT community put themselves, as well as significant resources, out there to keep their space open, strong, and growing. We are grateful for a strong LGBT community in Syracuse, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!