National HIV Testing Day Art Exhibition

ACR Health is calling all local artists!

ACR Health is inviting artists across Central New York, Northern New York, and Mohawk Valley to submit their work for consideration of inclusion in a virtual exhibition. ACR Health seeks to spotlight art that elevates public awareness on issues surrounding HIV. The exhibition itself will be populated with artworks that carry a compelling narrative. Successful submissions will celebrate the power of art as a tool to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with HIV, inspire activism, encourage routine HIV testing, and/or call attention to how disenfranchised populations are adversely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

To Apply: Complete the Entry Form and email form and Images to, make sure to include on the subject line “Local Artist Submission”. Each entry must be unique; you may not submit the same works more than once.

Deadline: The entry deadline is May 15, 2021.

Submitting artists must:

  • Reside in one of the following 9 counties
  • Have as the content and purpose of their art challenging stigma and/or raising awareness around issues related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Demonstrate their depth of personal commitment to using art as a tool to challenge stigma and discrimination, and/or raise awareness around HIV
  • Complete the Entry Form and submit all materials before the deadline
  • If selected, create a short video 30 seconds to a minute in length that describes their art

Download Art Entry Form Here!

Submission Process: Submit up to two digital images (JPGs) of works you hope to have selected for the exhibition. Work in any medium will be accepted.

  • JPGs should be approximately 8” x 10” at 144ppi or 1152 pixels X 1449 pixels
  • Name each JPG with your first initial, last name, and image number (example: JSmith1.jpg JSmith2.jpg, JSmith3.jpg)
  • Along with the JPGs, complete and submit the Entry Form
  • Write up to a 250-word narrative about the body of work (for each image) and your work as an artist and activist challenging stigma and bringing awareness to HIV (required).
  • Send all submissions to by midnight, May 15, 2021.

Selection Process & Notification: A committee composed of judges well versed in HIV/public health and the arts will consider all submitted works. All artists who submit work for consideration will be notified of the decision by May 7th.

A scoring system will be used to evaluate the submissions on the following criteria:

  • Artistic quality;
  • Strength of public awareness and/or de-stigmatization narrative in art and activism
  • Personal dedication to the cause of public awareness and/or de-stigmatization
  • If accepted, ACR Health will follow up with any additional informational details

Prizes: Three prizes will be awarded to artists for outstanding achievement. Artists will be selected based on who well their narratives come to life through the tools of their expression.

Email Questions to